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Serviced Offices

What are serviced offices?

Serviced offices are facilities designed to offer flexible and affordable workspace solutions to businesses of varying sizes. Typically a serviced office will lie within a business centre and be occupied by a number of different companies or organisations.

Crucially, serviced offices are leased on a monthly or quarterly basis, so occupants have flexibility in terms of when they can end or adjust their tenancy. The fees charged incorporate the costs associated with business rates, utilities, cleaning services, furniture, service charges, as well as rent.

It is also possible to arrange all-inclusive serviced office occupancy deals that incorporate IT and telecoms costs as part of a single package.


Are they expensive?

A key advantage of serviced offices as compared with more traditional office leasing arrangements is that they tend to be less expensive and less financially burdensome for businesses. They do not involve large-scale upfront payments and don’t require prospective office occupants to arrange all the other ingredients that go into creating a professional office environment on an independent basis. All of which generally makes serviced offices a cost-effective way for businesses to access quality office space.


Prices and length of commitments

There is no single figure that reflects the typical cost of serviced offices. The price per square foot will depend on a variety of different factors, not least the location of the offices and the quality of the space that’s being occupied.

Minimum commitments to serviced offices vary in length but will typically be somewhere between three months and one year. However, it is also possible to secure space on the basis of very short-term one-month contracts.


Accessibility and other services

Once you’ve arranged a deal to occupy a set of serviced offices then you will be given access to them on a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year basis.

Reception services are generally included in serviced office deals and these desks will be staffed usually during working hours from Monday to Friday. Reception staff help to ensure that a business centre and a particular set of serviced offices operate smoothly by answering calls and passing them through to the relevant people.

Depending on the terms of the occupancy deal that you agree with a serviced office company you may be able to access and utilise various other features of the business centre you’re based at. So that might well include for example meeting rooms, breakout areas, kitchens, conferencing spaces and showering facilities.


Expanding or moving offices

Part of what is particularly great about serviced offices for small and medium-sized businesses is that they offer the opportunity for expansion on short notice and moving on to other offices is exceptionally simple. Workstations can usually be added very easily indeed if you need to increase your employee numbers and the flexibility of occupancy terms usually means that spaces can be vacated at limited or no cost on short notice.

Key benefits of serviced offices

  • Affordable access to quality office facilities and services
  • Flexibility of occupancy terms
  • Scope to scale up or down on short notice
  • Short-term occupancy deals available
  • No need for large initial capital outlays

Serviced offices are perfect for any business or organisation that can benefit from access to high quality office space and associated facilities on the basis of flexible and affordable tenancy terms.

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