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Office Clearance Guide

Clearing your offices before you leave

An important aim as you move from one office to another as a business of any size should be to minimise disruption both prior to leaving your existing facility and after you’ve arrived at your new space.

A key part of that equation is the office clearance process, which generally requires careful planning and management if it is to be carried out efficiently and without too many problems.


Preparing and planning your move

When the day comes that you and your colleagues make the switch from your current office to your new home you will in all likelihood require the assistance of an office removals company. Their job will be made much easier though if you have been able to identify precisely which items at your existing offices need to be transferred to your new premises.

Ideally, by that point, you will have been able to decide which items need to be disposed of, which need to be recycled or given away and which should be earmarked for removal as part of your relocation. It is only by giving all this some careful thought, planning ahead and having a clear idea of how your office clearance process should unfold that you will be able to minimise the risk of seeing problems and hold ups emerge.

TIP – Preparing to clear an office should involve a lot of list making and noting down of items that need to be thrown away or recycled or that need to make the journey to your new premises. Once you’re armed with these lists it should be relatively straightforward to plan for removals and for the office clearance process once you’ve left.


Deciding what you need

Moving office is an opportunity for businesses, their managers and all the members of their workforce, to make a fresh start and to look optimistically towards the future. In practical terms, this might mean that you decide to use entirely new furniture and equipment at your new office or, at least, it might mean that you decide to leave behind certain items of furniture or equipment that have served your company well but now need to be disposed of and replaced at your new office.

The key to good planning when it comes to an office clearance and removals process is decisiveness. You and your team (and any third party firms you work with) need to know with certainty what items are to be removed and disposed of and what needs to be moved across to your new facility.

Key focus points:

  • Be clear in advance of your move what should stay and what should go
  • Communicate details clearly with your removals company
  • Throw out any items that you know won’t be needed as early in the process as possible
  • Work with office clearance specialists
  • Get several quotes from removal and clearance firms before agreeing a deal


Waste disposal

Another important consideration for businesses as they plan their move away from one office and into another is waste disposal and compliance with the associated rules and regulations. Every business has a legal duty of care to properly dispose of any electrical equipment that they own and any items or substances that are potentially hazardous.   

Electrical equipment rules cover everything from fridges to fax machines and from computer monitors to air-conditioning units. These cannot simply be left behind and they need to be disposed in line with what are called WEEE regulations. The fundamental idea underpinning these rules is that they force companies to recycle or to otherwise responsibly dispose of all their electronic equipment.

TIP – With a little planning, it is perfectly possible to sell various items of equipment that you decide you will not need at your new office and to help cover the costs involved in your office move by doing so.


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