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Hot Desks

Hot desks

The numbers of people working for themselves as self-employed freelancers is very much on the rise and today’s technologies mean that many of us can effectively work from anywhere.

For a lot of people that means working from home but hot desking is now a hugely popular and widespread phenomenon that offers an alternative to the potentially lonely and isolated life of being a work-from-home freelancer.


Why rent a hot desk?

Taking up a hot desk within a quality set of offices gives individuals a chance to work alongside lots of other professionals whose work might relate in interesting and worthwhile ways to their own. As with co-working spaces, there is a great deal of potential for anyone working at a hot desk to collaborate and have valuable interactions with the people who happen to be around them.

Fundamentally, however, hot desks offer access to high quality offices that are equipped with reliable internet and telecoms connections as standard, as well as kitchen facilities and communal breakout areas. 


Collaboration potential

For freelancers and for anyone else, hot desking means being around people in a variety of different fields and professional disciplines which can almost instantly open up scope for sales and for otherwise worthwhile interactions on a day to day basis. When you hire a hot desk you never know who you’re going to meet and get to know but there is always a good chance that there will be people you can help or who can help you in some professional capacity.

Chance interactions, the potential for mutual benefit and scope for fruitful collaborations help turn offices with hot desks and co-working spaces into truly dynamic working environments that tend to be vibrant and engaging places to work, even if you’re only there for a short time.  


Other advantages

If you’re an individual looking for a hot desk to operate from then you are well-placed to take advantage of the very flexible occupancy terms that office space providers are able to offer.

Inevitably, the costs involved in hiring hot desk space will vary depending on the location and the calibre of space you’re looking at. But cost-effectiveness should always be easy to find and even hot desks in the most prestigious and in-demand of locations can be rented on the basis of very flexible and reasonable terms.

Flexibility of use is also a major advantage of hot desks. They can be hired on a very short term basis and for individual days at a time or for extended periods as required. They are great for anyone who works as a freelancer or on a self-employed basis but also for traditionally employed people who need short-term access to quality office space in a specific city or out of town location.

Key benefits of hot desks

  • Collaboration potential
  • Alternative to isolation of home working
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Huge variety of space and locations to choose from
  • Quality telecoms connections as standard

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