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The term ‘fitting out’ in the context of offices refers to the processes involved in taking an area of unoccupied commercial space and turning it into the kind of facility that businesses can base their operations from. It involves bringing together an extensive variety of different elements to turn an empty space into high quality office space that is ready to go for a specific organisation and its teams of employees. Here's why you might need fit out services...



1. You need to update or upgrade your offices

One reason why office fit out services could be useful for your business is because the offices you’re currently in are in need of updating or upgrading. It could be that your current offices have become tired and dilapidated to some extent and it is the right time to refresh your workspaces and improve them as much as you can.


2. You want your offices to impress

The facilities that your company works from can be seen as a reflection of the kind of operation that you are or that you aspire to be. By hiring a team of fit out service providers you can create a set of bespoke offices that you and the members of your workforce can all be proud of and feel good about working in. Office fit outs can also make a difference when it comes to impressing your business partners or your potential clients.


3. You’ve outgrown your existing offices

Growing your business and your workforce is usually a sign of success and positive development but it does create challenges particularly around issues of office space occupancy. Inevitably at some stage if your business keeps growing you will effectively find yourself having outgrown your existing offices. Moving to new offices doesn’t have to be a huge headache though and it can be seen as an opportunity to create an outstanding new home for your business with the help of an experienced and high quality fit out service provider.


4. You need to downsize

There are times when companies see the scale of their workforce reduce at a particular location and it can become important then to find a new set of offices to fulfil these adjusted needs. Here again, fit out companies can help ease this transition and make your switch to a smaller set of offices into a wholly positive move that allows you to maximise the potential of your new facilities.


5. Changing workforce dynamics

Contemporary professionals don’t necessarily need to be tethered to a specific desk to carry out their work and an increasing number of people now work from home or from non-office locations. For some businesses this has had a big impact on the way they use their offices and what their needs are in terms of desk arrangements. All of which can sometimes bring about a need for a new start and a switch to new offices with which fit out companies can provide expert help.

Key issues that need to be considered when planning for and undertaking an office space fit out include:

  • Environmental performance – the more sustainably your company uses energy in your offices the better.
  • Health and safety – it’s very important to ensure that your workplace is a healthy and safe place for all your employees to work in at all times.
  • Regulatory compliance – There are lots of regulatory issues that need to be properly considered in relation to fitting out any office and readying it for occupancy on a permanent basis.


My Office Move is an independent operator created to help you save time and money when you move offices.

You can use our system to very quickly identify the best fit out company for your purposes and get a quote from them based on your employee numbers and the size of offices you are likely to need.  

Our service is completely free to use and involves absolutely no obligation to purchase.

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