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Energy Supplies Checklist

Transferring energy supplies checklist

Gas and electricity supplies are generally taken for granted when you’re settled in at a particular office but in the context of an office move they are an important subject that certainly mustn’t be overlooked.

Perhaps the key to ensuring an orderly and well-organised energy supply transfer as you switch offices is good communications – specifically with your supplier of gas and electricity.

Here’s what you need to communicate to your energy supplier in advance of your office move:

  • The date on which you intend to leave your current office
  • Your gas and electricity supply account numbers
  • A forwarding address
  • Your landlord or managing agent’s contact details
  • Your final gas and electricity meter readings


TIP – be sure to contact you energy suppliers with the above details at least 10 days in advance of your scheduled moving out date.

Once you’ve made your move and you’re getting used to life in your new offices it is important then to get in touch with your energy supplier again to communicate the following information:

  • Your moving in date
  • Your initial gas and electricity meter readings
  • Your previous occupier’s contact details
  • Your new landlord’s contact details

You should always aim to communicate as fully as is necessary with your gas and electricity suppliers on both sides of the office move equation – which is to say in advance of your move and after the switch has been completed. By doing so you can make sure that your gas and electricity supplies are always switched on where you need them but also that you aren’t met with any unexpected energy bills as you settle into your new surroundings. 

TIP – The period during which you’re taking on an office space relocation can be a good moment to look around and find precisely the right gas and electricity supply deal for your business going forward.

There is plenty of competition among commercial energy suppliers and every reason to believe there are good value deals around that could suit your needs very precisely and keep your gas and electricity costs down on a consistent basis going forward.

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