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Co-Working Spaces


For startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses with big ambitions, co-working office spaces have a great deal to offer even if many of the most valuable benefits are intangible.

Co-working spaces bring together a myriad of people who are all aiming to develop their ideas and move their businesses forward, which tends to create an infectious spirit of dynamism and opportunity.

Traditional offices are typically used by a single company or organisation whose employees then collaborate and work together on that basis. Co-working spaces though can be home to dozens of different small scale enterprises who can all potentially find mutual benefits from working together with people who they otherwise might never have met or even been aware of.


Benefits of sharing spaces

As well as the potential to mingle with and get to know people in a wide variety of different fields, some of which may relate directly or indirectly to your own, co-working spaces offer plenty of other benefits. The co-working setup allows small businesses and individuals to collectively benefit from amenities and services that otherwise might have been too expensive to access.

This includes the use of reception services and having access to high quality kitchen spaces and breakout areas that are cleaned routinely and readied for use each day. Plus using co-working offices also means that the costs of simple and essential amenities such as Wi-Fi internet connections and coffee supplies are kept very low and are always readily available.


On-site service providers

For occupants of co-working spaces, another notable benefit is the ready access not just to great offices and the associated amenities but also the convenience of having a myriad of different service providers operating in your vicinity. This can save time if you need a specific service on an urgent basis and if you’ve already had chance to get to know the people you’re dealing with then you’re one step ahead as you look for solutions to your operational problems.

Having lots of different service providers all working within metres of each other also opens up potential for new ideas to take hold and for opportunities to be seized upon.

In a sense, co-working spaces function as idea-generators just by virtue of having so many motivated and enterprising people operating so closely beside each other. So much so that solutions can often be found to specific problems you might be having as a business within a very short timeframe and that can often lead on to further collaborations and the kind of learning processes that can be invaluable for startups and small companies.


Flexibility and simplicity

Another fundamental attribute of co-working offices is their inherent flexibility. Occupants of these spaces can come in as individuals and add to the number of desks they inhabit gradually as their businesses expand. It could be that you will at some stage need to reconsider your office space options and move into larger, single occupant facilities but until that point arrives co-working offices offer everything that you could need at an affordable price point.

A lot of what appeals about co-working spaces is that they offer a simple solution to a clear office space need. They do not involve any huge overheads or complex paperwork. They are ready to go and they tend to be the kind of vibrant spaces in which entrepreneurs, startups and small companies in particular can develop their ideas and really begin to fulfil their potential.

Key benefits of co-working space

  • Reliable access to quality office space
  • Chance to work in dynamic enterprise environments
  • Huge collaboration potential
  • Services are shared and paid for collectively
  • Flexibility to occupy extra desks as required

Co-working spaces are perfect for freelance professionals, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses who need access to desks within high calibre office facilities on the basis of flexible and affordable contracts.


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