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  • Posted Thu, Nov 19, 2015

Top Ten Mistakes when Moving Office.

Top Ten Mistakes when Moving Office.

Unless you have experienced moving office before, I doubt you’ll be as prepared as you could be. The majority of clients we speak to say they wish they knew more about the challenges involved before moving, as they could have planned it more effectively. If you are moving office ‘blindly’, it will cost you more and it will take longer than you think. Here are the top 10 mistakes made when moving office;



Starting the planning of your office move far too late. This causes hasty decisions, overspending and business disruption. Use our online calculator to determine the best time to start your move.



Not using the right Office Relocation Professionals to carry out the relevant parts of the project (Tenant Rep Broker, Real Estate Lawyer, Office Designers, Office Moving Company). Remember that these companies have the relevant expertise to ensure a successful and profitable relocation. Outsourcing your Office Design and Build project can be 15% cheaper and 40% faster.



Lack of IT Relocation Planning which can lead to delays when you get to the new office because of phone/computer failures.

Did you know that an office design and build contractor can take care of this for you?


Poor Budget Management or worse still - no budget planning at all! You'll end up spending more bucks than you really need to without a clear and realistic budget. Create a winning Moving Office Budget using our online calculator.



Missing important deadlines caused by no established timeline of activities. The Moving Office Timeline will ensure you never miss a deadline!



Unorganized Office Space Plan leading to confusion when you get to the new office - including all your office furniture landing in the wrong part of the office - Chaos!

An office design and build contractor will provide free space planning during their consultation. It’s free, so I even if you do not intend on outsourcing the project, you could still engage with a company to take advantage of their free services.



Poor communication with staff leads to negativity, low staff morale and poor productivity during and after the office move.



Not enough communication or involvement with your Office Designers can lead to poor use of office space, inadequate facilities and a delayed build out. Choose a contractor that will allocate a Project Director to ensure clear communication.



Poor choice of office space caused by not accounting for future growth. The result: You'll of outgrown the office space before the lease is up for expiry. A good office design and build company should ask about your business plan and future growth rates when designing your office space – if they don’t then stay clear and find another company!



Not using the Office Move Checklist to guide you through every step of the process.


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