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  • Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016

How much space will you need in your new office?

Renting office space is a major expense for most businesses so it is vitally important to ensure that you are only paying for space that you really need.

Office space experts generally work on the assumption that a company will need somewhere between 175 and 250 square feet per employee. However, this is only an estimate and it is generally better to assess various key factors on a case by case basis before deciding precisely how much office space your business will actually need.

Even small differences can be significant because any amount of wasted space within an office environment is adding to a company’s overheads and effectively eating into its profits with every day that passes.


Key questions

Every business is different even where there appear to be lots of similarities. So, when it comes to lining up the right amount of office space, certain considerations should come into the equation, such as:

  • Do you need boardrooms and/or meeting rooms?
  • Do you want to setup on the basis of one, two or three-person cubicles or use open plan desks?
  • Will you need access to breakout spaces?
  • Do you want your offices to encourage collaboration through its layout?

Once you’ve established your answers to these questions you can use an Office Space Analysis tool to equip yourself with an accurate picture of how much office space could be optimal for your organisation. The figures you’ll see will be given in square feet, which is the metric used across the commercial property industry. Prices for offices are usually given in square feet and the more precisely you can determine your needs in this context the more money you’ll be able to save on every rental payment you make in the future.


Other important considerations

Any organisation moving into new offices will want to ensure that the space is fit for purpose in the near term but also if they intend to expand and add to their headcount in the coming months or quarters. Clearly, therefore it can be beneficial to know how roughly many employees you are likely to add to your workforce in the foreseeable future.

Other issues to address as a business leader when you consider your future office space options include IT equipment and how many staff members need access to it at all times. Plus, it is well worth being aware of just how much storage space you’re likely to need once you’ve relocated.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, ‘How much office space do I need per employee?’ But by carrying out some simple research and using a calculation tool, there is every reason to feel confident of maximising the cost effectiveness of your next set of offices.


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