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  • Posted Wed, Aug 17, 2016

How much does it cost to move office?

How much does it cost to move office?

Precisely how much it will cost you to relocate from one office to another will depend on a variety of different factors, not least how many employees you have and where exactly your earmarked offices are located.

There are ways though in which you can give yourself a good idea of what the costs involved might be and what you can do to minimise them if you do decide to go ahead with an office space move.

Assessing your options

It can be tempting to think that as a business you can save money in the context of an office move by tackling the interior design work and the planning process yourselves. This though can often prove more costly and certainly more time consuming that the alternative which would be to hire an office design and fit-out company to oversee the process for you.

Working with third party experts can also provide valuable clarity to companies considering their relocation options because their services can be offered precisely in line with your designated budget and the timeframe you have in mind.

The importance of planning

It is crucial for any business or organisation working towards an office move to plan as meticulously and as diligently as possible. The fewer surprises you encounter along the way the easier life will be and the more likely you’ll be to complete the process on time and on budget.

Your planning should also involve getting quotes on the basis of your precise requirements and comparing them against one another. Quotes can differ notably and it is only by getting several quotes and comparing them that you can be sure of getting a value for money agreement in place.

Cost calculations

The most fundamental elements of an office move cost calculation will always be the size of the offices you require and how many employees you have or expect to have, for an idea of office space costs if you are located in the capital, click here for London Offices to Rent. From that basis you should be able to determine with a good deal of precision how much a relocation might cost and what options are out there for you in terms of quality office space and also office design and fit-out services. 


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