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  • Posted Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Action Plan for Office Relocation

Action Plan for Office Relocation

Action Plan for Office Relocation

When moving office, we recommend that you Write an office relocation action plan.
Having a written plan is essential if you want to ensure a smooth and successful office relocation – it helps to define your new office space objectives including facilities and location. With timescale to one side, you need to think about how to maximise the benefits from your office move.

Here's a quick guide to help you build your office relocation action plan now:

Scope out the big picture
First off, think about the bigger pictures. This will include a general summary of what you want to accomplish with the relocation; budget, timeline, assumptions, potential risks and issues that may arise.

Break out the smaller tasks
Secondly, you need to add more detail. Use our Office Move Checklist as your master task list. Doing so will outline all the small tasks that can easily be forgotten about. Write any task down as it comes into your mind so you don't forget them.

Prioritising can be difficult – what is more important to you? It’s advantageous to think of this before the project starts, as opposed to making time-deprived decisions in order to stick within your budget and timescale. List the necessities first, in order of importance, and build the list from there, For example, the task of finding new office space is vital and may also take some time, so this needs to be moved up the list. Similarly, any new equipment you need for your new office such as furniture, PCs, business phones, phone lines, data cables etc may have long lead times so be sure to prioritze these up your list so you don't miss any deadlines.

Delegate & Collaborate
Effective plans require clear input and support from teammates. Within your Office Relocation Project Team, decide who is responsible for each task, give it a deadline by which the task is to be completed, and ensure you update your Office Move Checklist to manage and guide workflow.

Alternatively, you could consider outsourcing your project, allowing someone with experience and expert knowlege to manage all of the above. Outsourcing your Office Design and Build project can be 15% cheaper and 40% faster. Simply use our online calculator and we can help you find the most suitable contractor to your budget and timescale.

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