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Why use an Office Design & Fit-out Company?

Office Design & Fit-Out

Why use an Office Design & Fit-out Company when Moving Office?
The main role of your Office Design & Fit-Out Company is to design and create the most efficient and useable office space that meets both your business requirements and budget. But there is a lot more to office design than meets the eye and it goes far beyond the choice of furniture and layout.
For a business to function effectively, it requires a workplace that is flexible, well planned, inspirational and practical. It should also reflect company objectives, personality, attitudes and the culture of the organisation. So whether you are moving office and fitting out a new space, or you’ve decided to refurbish your existing space, working with the right Office Design Company will guide you through the key stages of the space planning, office design & office fit-out process.
An Office Design Company will work with you on the following:

Workplace Appraisal
This involves a detailed assessment of your existing office against your current and future business objectives. You may find that an office relocation is not necessary, and that an office refurbishment or re-arrangement of your existing office will be able to meet your requirements. A Workplace Appraisal is also an opportunity for the Office Design Company to get to know your business better, and provide invaluable advice as to what sort of office space would best serve your business needs.

Building Surveys & Feasibility
Involving an Office Design Company at an early stage of the moving office process, could save you money in the longer term and help you to make informed choices on selecting the right office space. They will be able to provide detailed surveys on each of your shortlisted properties and highlight any issues likely to impact your business (such as cabling infrastructure, building services, security etc) it will also help you to visualise how each space can be used, and how much each building will cost to fit out.

Office Space Planning
Office Space Planning will determine the optimum location for all IT & Telecoms equipment, desks, office furniture and use of key operational areas (such as meeting rooms, break out and reception areas) in order to provide the best opportunity for efficient workflow and maximum productivity. It also involves establishing current and projected occupancy levels so everything can be easily re-configured in the event of future growth/contraction.

The Office Design and Fit-out Process
A good Office Design Company will be able to provide everything in-house from mechanical and electrical services, creating an eye catching office design, through to dedicated co-ordination of your office fit-out project. This is called a “turnkey approach” and is far cheaper than hiring out your own subcontractors to do individual jobs where your moving office costs could escalate.
Brainstorming sessions with your appointed office design team will help clarify office design goals to incorporate working practices, company values as well as operational and technical workplace requirements. They will provide CAD drawings and artist’s impressions to give you an idea of what the final result will look like and your office fit-out project will finally come to life.
A credible Office Design Company will provide a highly detailed strategy that illustrates every step of the office fit out project. This will also highlight lead-in times, especially for big ticket items such as IT & Telecoms and furniture.

Why use an Office Design Company?

  • A good office design can transform your workplace and increase business productivity
  • Your office is one of your biggest assets so it pays to get the office design right and make the most of your space
  • They are mindful of time constraints & deadlines and can often complete the project without disruption to your business
  • They can work within your given budget so you know what your office design & fit-out costs are going to be at the outset
  • They have a proven design methodology with interior construction expertise
  • You’ll have one point of contact throughout the office design process which saves any miscommunication between individual contractors
  • Their office design solutions will be sustainable and flexible to serve your current and future business requirements
  • They will be compliant with all matters of Health & Safety
  • They can provide after-care support to de-snag issues quickly
  • A well designed workplace can transform your company image and have a positive impact on staff motivation, performance and business productivity. If you would like to connect with one of our office design and fit out partners, click here.

Office fit-out encompasses everything from the space planning, interior design, project management, fitting out & furnishing of your new office. Relevant resources for companies considering an office fit-out can be found here ‘get a quote’ or ‘reverse timeline calculator’

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