Mon, Sep 25, 2017

How much does it cost to move office?

Set a Budget & Manage your Moving Costs with this FREE Online Office Move Calculator.

Understanding your budget is a critical part of organising your office move. Depending on whether you plan to manage the move yourself, or whether you engage with office design and build contractors, it is extremely easy to underestimate the cost of moving office. With so many variables to consider, our online calculator can help give you financial control over your project.

Create an Office Moving Budget that actually works!

For most of us, setting a budget is one of those tasks we are loathed to do because it can be so complicated to create a budget that is all-encompassing.

Our Office Moving Calculator will make the task of setting an office moving budget simple and straightforward.

Using the Office Moving Calculator will help you to:

  • Find out how much your office move is going to cost you

  • Set a realistic budget for your relocation - and stick to it!

  • Not get caught out by unforeseen costs

  • Ensure your office move is executed on time & within budget

  • Control & manage your office move costs easily

  • Keep your office relocation team to task and on target

  • Produce an up-to-date cashflow forecast for your office move

  • Compare & analyse quotes and estimates for the move

Setting an Office Moving Budget is not about being good with figures (and let's face it, most of us aren't!). It's about being organized, and keeping on top of your moving costs so you don't spend more money on your office move than you really need to.

How much is our office move going to cost?
Of course, the first step is to find out what expenses you're company is likely to incur during an office move. The Office Moving Calculator identifies all those costs for you in a simple, easy-to-follow format. So all you need to do is get estimates for each cost item and you'll soon get an idea about how much your office move is going to cost you.

Outsourcing your Office Design and Build project can be 15% cheaper and 40% faster, so we recommend getting 2-3 quotes before making the decision to manage the office move yourself. 

Office move cost calculator

Simply enter the square footage of your new office, and how many employees you have to calculate a price range for your office move. It’s that easy!

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