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  • By MyOfficeMove
  • Posted Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Action Plan for Office Relocation

When moving office, we recommend that you Write an office relocation action plan.

  • By MyOfficeMove
  • Posted Thu, Dec 08, 2016

10 tips for a stress free fit out

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do and the same can be said for your office fit out. But where do you start?

  • By MyOfficeMove
  • Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016

How much space will you need in your new office?

The second largest cost to most organisations is it’s office space, and it is therefore of imperative importance to utilise every square foot - wasted space equals wasted money!

  • By MyOfficeMove
  • Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016

Why use an Office Design & Fit-out Company?

The main role of your Office Design & Fit-Out Company is to design and create the most efficient and useable office space that meets both your business requirements and budget.

  • By MyOfficeMove
  • Posted Wed, Aug 17, 2016

How much does it cost to move office?

Understanding your budget is a critical part of organising your office move. Depending on whether you plan to manage the move yourself, or whether you engage with office design and build contractors, it is extremely easy to underestimate the cost of moving office.

  • By MyOfficeMove
  • Posted Wed, Mar 16, 2016

How to keep dilapidation costs to a minimum

When nearing your lease expiry, it’s time to consider dilapidations. It is often the case that businesses can be penalised by sheer lack of understanding when it comes to moving out. Here are my 10 key tips for tenants wanting to keep dilapidations claims to the bare minimum.

  • By MyOfficeMove
  • Posted Thu, Nov 19, 2015

Top Ten Mistakes when Moving Office.

Unless you have experienced moving office before, I doubt you’ll be as prepared as you could be.