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Only 30-50% commercial property is advertised online. To search the market effectively you will need to speak to every commercial agent, and there are 500 alone. Let our award winning commercial property advisor search 100% of the market free of charge.

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Have you checked the building that you are moving to? Does it meet regulations? How often does the lift break down? Commercial agents are there to sell. Let one of our experts conduct an independent building analysis free of charge.

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Will the new office fit everything in? What is the best layout for the furniture? How do you positon each department for maximum productivity? Let one of our experts design your space plans free of charge.

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Did you know that office space is the second largest cost to a business after its people? Storage space is important to keeping a clean and productive office space but it also takes up valuable room. Let one of our experts conduct a free storage audit and help you save space today.

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Location analysis

Did you know that moving office effects every member of staff? Where do they travel from? What do they during their lunch break? How will this change when you relocate? Let one of our experts analyse the best location free of charge.

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Health & Safety Check

Moving in to an office that doesn’t meet fire regulations or health and safety policies can be a costly mistake. Let one of our experts conduct a free health & safety check to protect you from potential risks.

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Use our online calculator to estimate costs and timescales

Whether you want to make a slight adjustment or have a total overhaul on a budget small or large, will provide answers to the most important questions.

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  • How do I choose a contractor?

We arm you with the information you need to secure the best price, from the best contractor.

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