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Moving office can get complicated, very quickly


We have the largest online database of UK commercial property, advertised with a detailed breakdown of the complete cost of moving.


We have an extensive range of resources from moving guides and checklists to interactive cost and timeline calculators.


We have the largest database of UK fit out and design & build companies, characterized by experience, location and price to help you select the best partner for your project.

Free Services

We have partnered with some of the UK’s most experienced property advisors and fit out companies to provide you with an array of free services.


Property Search

Only 30-50% commercial property is advertised online. To search the market effectively you will need to speak to every commercial agent, and there are 500 alone. Let our award winning commercial property advisor search 100% of the market free of charge.

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Building analysis

Have you checked the building that you are moving to? Does it meet regulations? How often does the lift break down? Commercial agents are there to sell. Let one of our experts conduct an independent building analysis free of charge.

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Space plans

Will the new office fit everything in? What is the best layout for the furniture? How do you positon each department for maximum productivity? Let one of our experts design your space plans free of charge.

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Storage Audit

Did you know that office space is the second largest cost to a business after its people? Storage space is important to keeping a clean and productive office space but it also takes up valuable room. Let one of our experts conduct a free storage audit and help you save space today.

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Location analysis

Did you know that moving office effects every member of staff? Where do they travel from? What do they during their lunch break? How will this change when you relocate? Let one of our experts analyse the best location free of charge.

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Health & Safety Check

Moving in to an office that doesn’t meet fire regulations or health and safety policies can be a costly mistake. Let one of our experts conduct a free health & safety check to protect you from potential risks.

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Why use an Office Design & Fit-out Company?

The main role of your Office Design & Fit-Out Company is to design and create the most efficient and useable office space that meets both your business requirements and budget.

Top Ten Mistakes when Moving Office.

Unless you have experienced moving office before, I doubt you’ll be as prepared as you could be.

How to keep dilapidation costs to a minimum

When nearing your lease expiry, it’s time to consider dilapidations. It is often the case that businesses can be penalised by sheer lack of understanding when it comes to moving out. Here are my 10 key tips for tenants wanting to keep dilapidations claims to the bare minimum.

Action Plan for Office Relocation

When moving office, we recommend that you Write an office relocation action plan.

Use our online calculator to estimate costs and timescales

Whether you want to make a slight adjustment or have a total overhaul on a budget small or large, will provide answers to the most important questions.

  • How long does it take?
  • How much will it actually cost?
  • How do I choose a contractor?

We arm you with the information you need to secure the best price, from the best contractor.

Savings calculator Timeline calculator is a group of industry experts that are passionate about helping companies move office. Using their experience and expert knowledge they have produced an online resource centre to educate those moving office, with a goal of saving time and money.
All of the information on is free, and has been built with a vision of connecting people moving office with design and build experts to help everyone involved. personally visit all of its partners offices. We inspect their process, meet with their clients and take photographs of their previous work. We can personally vouch for any design and build partners that we recommend.
There are 2 major problems; 1. People are not prepared for how complicated moving office can be. 2. People do not realise that an office design and build company specialise in doing everything from start to finish. provides everything you need to know to be better prepared when moving office. In addition to the free resources available, should you realise the benefits in outsourcing your project we can connect you to the most suitable design and build companies in your area.

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